Hardwood Flooring Categories

Hardwood - is one of the most distincti flooring options manufactured. While more expensive than carpeting when properly taken care of hardwood can last a lifetime. Wherever you are considering installing hardwood we have a product made specifically for your needs.

Engineered hardwood is not a laminate. It is made from several plys of wood and finished on top. With some engineered hardwoods you can even sand and refinish it several times. You can Install engineered hardwood on concrete and even in most basements. Some engineered hardwoods can even be floated and snapped together just like laminate flooring.

Solid 3/4" This is the most common hardwood sold in our area. Solid 3/4" thick hardwood can only be installed on wood and cannot be installed in basements. Solid hardwood can always be refinished several times but if it is properly taken care of and it's a quality product there may be no need to refinish for ten to twenty years. Solid 5/16" Solid 5/16" hardwood is very similar to Solid 3/4" but it is possible to install this wood directly over concrete. It is still possible to sand and refinish this floor just not as many times as you can with solid 3/4".

Floating While most Engineered hardwood can be glued together and floated over a thin padding, and there is a relatively new category that just snaps together like laminate. This hardwood lowers installation costs and installation and subfloor prep times