In-Stock Flooring

We keep some products in stock, in almost every flooring category. With the wide variety of patterns, colors, and textures we have you may not see a need to even look in our showroom. The flooring we choose to purchase and keep in stock are mill specials and overruns that we have to purchase large quantities of to get the discounts that we pass on to you. If you're looking for a good deal our warehouse is a great place to start.

Carpet - We normally have on hand between 20-30 rolls of carpet that are between 20-50% below retail price if you were to order them. We also keep at least 200 carpet remnants at all time, with sizes from 12'x6' all the way up to 12'x25'. Carpet remnants are the best value if you are doing a single room or if you don't mind different colors in each room.

Vinyl - We keep at least 20 rolls of vinyl on hand at all times, we also keep at least 50 vinyl remnants at all times. Vinyl remnants are a fantastic value and the sizes vary from 12'x6' up to 12'x25'. Most of our vinyl remnants are Tarkett or Armstrong vinyl and have between 10-20 year manufacturer warranties.

Area Rugs - From 5'x8' to 8'x10' we have many discounted area rugs to choose from. We can also order from a wide variety of Shaw Living area rugs.

Laminate - for the "do-it yourselfer" or if you just want a great value our stock laminate is easy to install and looks great. From 7 millimeter to 12 millimeter thick, beveled to smooth, hand scraped to high-gloss. We keep a little bit of everything in stock. Hardwood, we keep a select quantity of solid and engineered hardwoods in stock. The pallets of hardwood we purchase are sold at substantial discounts and are all first quality products.